In Escrow….


Time spent in escrow seems to simultaneously pass SO slowly, and unbelievably quickly! We can’t wait to get the keys and have all the paperwork behind us, but also there’s an absolute ton to get done.

A gigantic sharpee’d list suspended precariously on our oven at home reminds us of all the things that need to be procured and sorted out before we can move in. I’m in charge of the former, and currently wish I had stock in Etsy as more and more boxes arrive by the day. It’s challenging to stick to only purchasing the necessaries, when there are so many pretty cabin / ranch / farmhouse things to tempt.

Ten days from now we’ll be heading up the mountain with a U-Haul hitched up to the truck (hopefully) and the dogs in the cab, to find out what all the excitement’s been about. Finally – Some land!!

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