Sun Hawk Ranch

Sun Hawk is a 41 acre ranch in Wynnola, just south of Julian. Backing on to the National Forest and BLM Land, Sun Hawk Ranch is located inside the 1,200 Hoskings Ranch. The landscape consists of rolling meadows, boulders and huge looming oak trees, my favorite of which is more than two hundred years old…

It’s been used as a working cattle ranch, raising Mini Belted Galloways for the past several years….. We’re excited to restore the natural vegetation to the over-grazed land by reducing the herd to a starting number of just three calves. Hopefully with fewer head of cattle on the land, when the winter rains come, the plants will replenish themselves. Otherwise we’ll be working hard to plant it with native grassland seed.

There are Native American Metate Bowls worn into rocks, which we can’t wait to uncover by sweeping away years of leaves and dirt.

The house needs some TLC with fresh paint and some new furniture to brighten it up (whilst still maintaining a cozy, ranchy feel).

Red Tailed Hawks, coyotes, bob-cats, deer and wild turkeys are some of the local residents and will be our new neighbors….. along with  a flock of free ranging chickens, and plentiful squirrels, whom Parker our Border Terrier simply cannot wait to chase.


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